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5 Biggest Mistakes Made With Auto-Immune Conditions


1. The attack against self tissue “turns on” due to many possible factors. To help these conditions, these same factors must be addressed. This is just not done in healthcare.


2. Medications are sometimes given to decrease the immune system’s attack against your own tissue. This is a short term option at best. This approach also does not address “why” the immune system is attacking itself. This understanding is critical.


3. Not addressing the digestive tract, which is a HUGE contributor to your autoimmune condition. The digestive tract is responsible for 70% of your immune barrier.


4. Not addressing hidden infections. Many autoimmune conditions were triggered by some sort of infection(s), or at the very least this was a contributing factor.


5. The understanding that autoimmune conditions cannot be cured, according to science, but can absolutely be controlled. This is not achieved by medications, but safely and effectively by addressing the causes of the immune system attack.













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