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Silent Auto-Immunity

If you have an Auto-Immune disease or if you have been tested negative for Auto-Immune Disease through blood work but still feel you you may be auto-immune, it is important to understand that prior to having a full blown auto immune disease most people have what is called silent Auto-Immunity.This can go on for many years before getting a positive autoimmune blood test such as ANA or rheumatoid factor.

  The First Stage

Silent Auto-Immunity is the first stage of auto-Immunity in which the immune system is attacking body tissue, but does not result in any significant loss of self-tissue or even symptoms. People with silent auto-Immunity will eventually develop Auto-Immune reactivity (symptoms without positive autoimmune lab panels) and then the full blown Auto-Immune disease.

 What You’ve Heard Before

The standard health care model today waits for the autoimmunity to significantly destroy the tissue (Full Blown Autoimmune Disease) before making the diagnosis and beginning treatment. The first line of therapy for auto-immunity is typically heavy corticosteroids and immune-suppresive drugs. These medications although necessary in many full blown Auto-Immune cases carry heavy side effects.

 Our Nutritional, Drug-Free Model

It is very important to understand that there are supportive drug free nutritional protocols and promising breakthrough autoimmune tests (see video tab) that can dramatically help reduce your auto-immunity by determining what is causing your immune system to become hyperactive in the first place.

If these tests are completed and nutritional therapies are started before a person develops full blown autoimmunity they may prevent the disease from fully expressing itself. These protocols are also highly successful in helping a person who has already has an auto-immune disease. They can provide the support an auto-immune sufferer needs to dramatically improve the quality of their life.

Again these protocols are drug free! If you have a diagnosed autoimmune disease and are already taking medications,  it is important to understand that these protocols can be used in combination as support to the commonly prescribed medications for autoimmune disease.

This website is designed to educate you on these exciting NEW HIGHLY RESEARCHED BREAKTHROUGH immune system testing procedures and nutritional support protocols!

We guarantee this website, at the very least, will give you answers nobody else has been able to give. It will change your life! 

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