Where Gluten Hides- a diagram of leaky gut




Dr. Oz takes a look at this misunderstood condition on this video:
.Be sure to watch all 4 parts of the Dr. OZ show the the mystery of Leaky gut


A Leaky Gut or intestinal permeability can be the hidden underlying cause or major contributing factor in many health complaints and diseases such as:

Autoimmune disease
chronic pain
and many others
For years doctors of chiropractic and doctors trained in functional medicine have tested for and treated Leaky gut.
There are multiple types of leaky gut and we can test for them using cyrex labs and treat each variety using specific non-drug protocols. Be sure to look at the gut brain immune video tab and the video called special panels under the nutrition section of this website for a better understanding of leaky gut.
Most allopathic (medical) doctors have little to no training or understanding of how the health of the gastrointestinal system can affect the health of the entire body especially the immune and nervous systems. Very few understand how to diagnose leaky gut through specialized testing and treat it using non-drug functional medicine protocols.
Some doctors are finally catching on. Watch this Dr OZ video by clicking this link below: