Other Wounds/Problems You May Have

This page is actually very important.  As you probably already have figured out, autoimmune conditions are one of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions I see in practice everyday.  If diagnosed, the conventional model will wait and see or administer immunosuppressive medications.  Not only that, the secondary problems from the inflammation and cellular destruction are also some of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions I see everyday.  Unfortunately for you, this means you continue to suffer.  In addition to implementing the strategies found on the “How Do I Get Better” page, the following are major contributors to many of your symptoms and must be identified and properly addressed. The following are the most common problems also seen with patients sufferring with autoimmune conditions. They are also rarely treated correctly!

Blood Glucose Dysregulation or Dysglycemia leading to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides

   –  Inflammation routinely causes insulin resistance.  In short, this means you are not getting blood glucose into your cells to be used for energy. The most common symptoms of insulin resistance are fatigue after meals and craving sweets.  We also see Hypoglycemia.  This is when your blood glucose levels drop too low causing irritability, anxiousness, and a jittery feeling when meals are missed.  Both of these are major problems because your cells are routinely not getting the glucose they need for energy. At the cellular level, your cells need energy or they become damaged or they die.  Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, organs make up systems.  Conditions begin at the cellular level. 


   –  Anemia can come in a several common forms.  Iron deficiency anemia, B12 or folate anemia, and pernicious anemia.  Essentially, these are identified by deviations in a complete blood count.  Anemia is very serious and will lead to, among other things, fatigue.

Thyroid Malfunction

    – The thyroid is absolutely one of the most mistreated and misdiagnosed conditions I see. Many of my autoimmune patients have thyroid malfunction.  To learn more about thyroid malfunction please go to www.chestercountythyroid.com

Adrenal Malfunction

  – This is among the most common issues I see in a patient with an autoimmune condition.  Your adrenal glands are your “stress glands”.  These glands are responsible for the release of cortisol and DHEA among others.  When you have constant stress, whether it be from a job, finances, family issues etc. or an autoimmune condition, these stressors will constantly cause the adrenal glands to overwork.  Initially, the glands will increase production of cortisol and DHEA but overtime they will be unable to keep up and cause low adrenal output.  Adrenal malfunction can cause symptoms like depression, lack of motivation, fearfulness, anxiety, decreased memory, inability to lose weight, and insomnia to name a few.  Furthermore, it can cause thyroid malfunction and hormonal imbalances.  Most importantly, typical testing rarely picks this up.  Testing via blood is not sensitive enough to pick up these imbalances so they are rarely identified in standard conventional testing. Salivary testing is a must! 

Hormone Imbalances

   –  Keeping it simple, this problem is routinely mistreated and here’s why.  Hormone imbalances usually have a cause.  Simply giving replacement is O.K. short term, but not many health care providers actually go beyond that to fix the cause of low or unbalanced hormones.  A very high number of my autoimmune patients have misdiagnosed and mistreated thyroid problems as well as misdiagnosed and or mistreated adrenal malfunction.  Both of these will contribute heavily to hormone imbalances.  Estrogen dominance is very common.  This is not due to elevated estrogen levels but due to a decrease in progesterone.  The thyroid is, among other things, responsible for the synthesis of progesterone and metabolizing estrogen.  If you are hypothyroid, it will contribute to a decrease in progesterone and, in some cases, elevated estradiol levels.  Adrenal malfunction will also cause low progesterone levels.  In order for your body to produce cortisol, progesterone must be used.  This is called the progesterone steal and it further leads to low progesterone levels.  Control the immiune system, regulate the thyroid (see www.chestercountythyroid.com ) which will  reduce the stress to the adrenals and the hormones should start to balance, for many of you, without the need for replacement.

Chronic or Reoccurring Infections

  – There are multiple reasons for this but the more common ones are the immune system imbalance, adrenal malfunction, and a weak digestive tract.  Fixing these problems will help eliminate this problem.  It is a sign of bigger problems.  Again, I see patients that have been placed on repetetive rounds of antibiotics without ever addressing the cause.  Shame.

Neurologic Imbalances (Brain Imbalances)

   – The brain is often affected by an autoimmune condition in many ways.  The attack is sometimes waged against the cerebellum and other brain tissue.  Balance and coordination issues, as well as forgetfulness are often common complaints I see. In addition, a certain area of the brain called the mesencephalon is also greatly affected.  It has to over fire due to reduced input from the cerebellum.  Common signs and symptoms include migraines, brain fog, sensitivity to light, digestive complaints, reflux, anxiety, etc.

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